“TMJ” Syndrome

"TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint or Jaw Joint) Syndrome" can present itself in a number of ways. It may simply be clicking (usually associated with pain) in the jaw and limited movement, or it can include a host of symptoms including headache, neck ache, ringing in the ears, earache, toothache, and others. Although many of these symptoms are common without any TM joint problem, if these symptoms persist and don't respond to various forms of treatment, it may be related to the jaw.


Several years ago, I was contacted by an area dentist who asked me what type of treatment I was rendering to one of his patients. This particular individual suffered from "TMJ Syndrome." The dentist commented that the patient's occlusion (The manner in which the teeth fit together) had improved significantly after some chiropractic treatments. We discussed that manner in which chiropractors treat TMJ Syndrome, and we discovered that we were both after the same goal: to reduce asymmetrical or unequal forces on the involved TM joint and restore range of motion without pain.


We began co-treating our TMJ patients and it became apparent that the combined approach worked well, especially in our "stubborn" cases. The dentist determines the "bite" (occlusion) as an initial reference point and the chiropractor works on restoring balance to the muscles that open and close the jaw. Often, this is all that has to be done to satisfy the condition and symptoms. In more difficult cases, reshaping of the teeth, and appliance, or more involved orthodontic work is needed.


Don't wait until the condition worsens as surgery is sometimes needed. Early detection and conservative chiropractic treatment (and/or co-treatment with a dentist) can usually manage these conditions successfully.

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