Chiropractic Care for Infantile Colic

You may be surprised to hear that chiropractic therapy is effective for colic. A study from Denmark showed encouraging evidence that infants with colic were helped by chiropractic care, even when more traditional treatments failed.


Of 316 babies treated by 73 chiropractors in 50 different clinics, improvement was reported in more than 90% of these children.


Since starting my practice I have had the opportunity to successfully treat several infants with colic. The majority of these patients have been referred by medical doctors in the community, as they are aware of the benefits of chiropractic care. It is not uncommon for an infant who has suffered several days or weeks with colic to find immediate relief after chiropractic care.


Evaluation and treatment of an infant with colic includes gentle hands-on techniques along with eliminating or changing dietary factors that increase the risk of developing colic and patient education for home care. If your baby, grandchild or friend’s baby is suffering from colic I urge you to consider chiropractic care.


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