Exercise: Please, No! Anything But That!

What better time to discuss the topic of exercise! We've just passed the holiday season where most of our routines were disrupted, including our diets. Some may have made that New Year's resolution (again) to reduce the extra weight that accumulated over the holidays or simply feel sluggish and want to do something about it as we enter the big three month winter "burn" of January, February and March.


Unfortunately, the term "exercise" is often taken negatively, synonymous with the term "work." The positive effects of exercise are not usually focused upon and do not become noticed until one has become active in a program and those good feelings begin to surface. These include improvements in energy, alertness, better concentration, sleep improvement (especially in quality), more stamina, an increase in productivity, and an overall feeling of well being. In addition, it is well accepted that when one is "out of shape,: the chances for injury increase and the speed of recovery from injury is slower.


At Yeomans-Edinger Chiropractic Center (YECC), our philosophy in the management of an injury includes pain control (the initial objective), followed by motion restoration and, lastly, strengthening and preventative measures. The last two objectives incorporate the concepts of exercise, diet and lifestyle management or "wellness." Rehabilitative exercises are prescribed for specific conditions to help accomplish these goals. Unfortunately, some conditions include significant muscle deconditioning (weakness) and require a formal type of strengthening program.


The strengthening programs which are specifically designed can be implement at home or a health club. There are several options which one can choose from and in some cases, insurance reimbursement may be available.


So if you've been thinking about starting an exercise program and would like assistance in the personal design, now is an excellent time when the snow is flying and those post-holiday blues are prevalent. Call YECC for a consultation so that a specific program can be established for you.

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